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Our Rooms – Seedlings

Baby Room for babies up to about 15 months

Your child’s routine at home is important, and at nursery we therefore try to keep to the same routine as much as possible. We ask that parents/carers provide a copy of their child’s daily routine to their Key Person to make the transition between home and nursery as smooth as possible for all those involved. Staff will be happy to discuss your child’s routine and any changes that may be appropriate as your child develops.

Toddlers from 15 months to 30 months

Toddlers have a slightly more structured routine than babies but we like to make it as fluid as possible to meet the needs of children. Planned and focused activities take place, led by the staff, based on and around the children’s interests. The staff in the Unit follow a ‘Book and Rhyme of the Moment’ and use this to stimulate interest in a variety of activities whilst promoting children’s language and communication through regular repetition of familiar stories and rhymes. Details of these books and rhymes are shared with parents as they change. It is during this time that observations will be carried out by your child’s Key Person. Children will also have the opportunity to use the outdoor area.

Children’s nappies will be changed as required throughout the day by their Key Person. During this time your child will engage in one-to-one contact time-singing nursery rhymes and using new language. We are aiming to support all children to be toilet trained by the age of 2½. We feel that this enables the children to develop their independence skills and minimises the time that they are away from the activities to have their nappies changed.

Nursery Birmingham


Saplings Unit – Pre-Schoolers and Children over 2½ years
After breakfast all children participate in a group exercise time and then they break off into smaller groups where they have a “circle/listening time”. This often incorporates listening/focus activities, leading to phonic awareness and pre-reading skills. After this the children come together and can choose between a variety of planned and focused activities based on the children’s interests. It is during this time that observations will be carried out by your child’s Key Person. Children can also choose to use the outdoor area during this time as we operate a free-flow system to the garden.

At lunch time children sit in groups with their Key Person using this opportunity for learning how to use a knife and fork, about healthy food choices and how to behave during a meal – all important “life skills” preparing them for school. After lunch the afternoon session follows a similar format to the morning session again starting with exercises and then “Circle Time” where children work in smaller groups.

Extra Activities

We have a music teacher who works with the children in the two Units in separate sessions. These sessions encourage the children to get involved in singing, percussion activities and to develop a very good awareness of rhythm and rhyme whilst hearing a range of instruments being played “live”.

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